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Life Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, 6 years MMA/cage experience, KDJR Martial Artist

I chose to do this.  I do this out of love.  I love the sport of MMA.  I love the art of fighting.  I love a healthy lifestyle.  I love to train.  More importantly, I love to inspire.  I love to help people feel better about themselves.   I love to help people accomplish greatness.  I love the look in a person's eye when they achieve what they feel was impossible.  I love living by example and doing what is right.  I love empowering people and helping them see that hard work and dedication still pays off in a world filled with instant gratification and the need of recognition.  I love the comeback.  I love to change lives and provide opportunities to those who feel as if there aren't any.  And I attribute all of my love to Jesus Christ, for he showed me how to love unconditionally and provide this platform for me to live out my dreams.



Shihan Eric
8th Degree Black Belt in Kar-Do-Jitsu Ryu with over 30 years martial arts experience 

I'm an 8th degree blackbelt in Kar-Do-Jitsu Ryu, a mixture of Shotokan and Goju karate along with judo and jujitsu.  I've been in martial arts for over 30 years and coaching MMA for 5 years.  I also have experience in the cage where I am undefeated.  I have two degrees in criminal justice, worked as a correctional officer and am currently an RN.